Nia is a holistic wellness system that is grounded in mindful, dynamic movement.

It is a fusion of the Dance arts, Martial arts & Healing arts through sensory movement.

Nia promotes fitness for all ages & levels of physical ability.

Nia stimulates & conditions the body, mind, emotions & spirit.

So, take off your shoes.. and join me for a somatic, invigorative experience.

My Story

Dancing has been a release for me since a very young age.  Most of my adult life I felt the need to operate from my masculine/Yang side for survival reasons.  Through dancing I found that I could express my femininity/Yin freely and without inhibitions.


Growing up there was no funds for formal dancing.  My formal dancing started in my adult life where I attended a Christian dance school for 5 years, all different types of dance modalities was offered.  This is where I experienced technique and form for the first time, besides free dance and connecting to Spirit. 


Later I joined a Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio for two years, where we participated in dancing competitions annually. After that I completed the Zumba Instructors course, but never taught a day in my life, I simply did it for the love of dance. Nia found me just after lockdown started, I attended an online class, and knew this was what I was looking for my entire life.  I sensed my body, mind, emotions and spirit.


I attended the first available In-person 7 - Day Intensive Whitebelt training in October 2020, did the online retake during November 2020 - February 2021 to integrate and embody Nia into my body and life.  I registered as a Nia Teacher mid-January 2021, and my first class to be held on 6th March 2021!  I have so much gratitude for this opportunity and am highly inspired to share this with other women and keeping the NIA promise!


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Nia Classes

Single Class – R100

Pensioners – R80

4-Class Package – R320 (at R80 a class)

8-Class Package – R560 (at R70 a class)


Class Schedule:


Friday – 9:00am - 10:00am

Saturday – 09:30am -10:30am




Triangle House, first floor (next to Standard bank)
Urtel Crescent
Somerset Mall
Somerset West