Health is Wealth

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I’m a strong believer that to realize and activate your full potential, you need to live a balanced lifestyle. I have 5 factors/containers that I live by on a daily basis. My priority of the five is HEALTH. With much contemplating and research over the past year for the most suitable holistic wellness approach and value add to my Business Reckoned Lifestyle, I came across OR as they like to put it ‘they found me’ doTerra essential oils, which has the same value
system and vision as I. A Global leading essential oils company, doTerra, taking pride in Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (CPTG), free from artificial ingredients, fillers, or pesticides, they are safe & completely
natural and not tested on animals. Exactly what I was looking for.


We provide education and empower on preventative health
solutions. And always remember, health is wealth...


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