Joline Oliver is a serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Investor, Sectional Titles Schemes Manager, Wellness Advocate & Nia Dance Instructor. She conducts events, coaching sessions and provides education in all areas of her expertise.

She is the CEO and Founder of Reckoned Lifestyle, a company dedicated to inspiring women to realize and activate their full potential.

Joline established Reckoned Lifestyle out of her calling and purpose. The backbone of the business is born from her life experiences, work experiences and education.

The catalyst moment in Joline’s life was when she lost her mom at the age of 21yrs old and having to take the role as a single parent for her two minor siblings, and expectant son at the time. She realized then that living a balanced lifestyle and realizing your full potential by taking action is a choice.

Through her journey she went on to become a Policewomen, Accredited Financial Advisor, Financial Sales Manager, Real Estate Agent and Investor, Sectional Titles Scheme Manager. She completed her Advanced Diploma in Management amongst completing multiple certifications and training.

Joline takes pride in continuously learning and growing from key industry leaders.
Through her online platforms & physical engagements, Joline allows her tribe to realize their full potential and taking action aligned to their soul purpose.