Hi. I'm Joline,

Activating women's

full potential

About Me

Joline Oliver is a serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Investor , Sectional Titles Schemes Manager, Wellness Advocate & Nia Instructor. She conducts events, coaching sessions and provides education in all areas of her expertise.

She is the Founder & CEO of Reckoned Lifestyle, a company dedicated to inspiring, motivate and guide women to realize and activate their full potential.

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Want to know more?

I am a strong believer that realizing and activating your full potential you need to live a balanced lifestyle.

I have 5 practices in my daily life and would like to share that with you. My motto was and always will be to live the life you want to see in this world.

Health is Wealth

Money Matters

Self Care

Purposeful Entrepreneurship

Legal Platform

Our Values

1 Honesty & Integrity

The cornerstone of any sustainable business.

Live the life you want to see in the World. What we say, we do.

2 Accountability with grace


Taking ownership for the external outcomes.

Aligning internal work (80%) to realize/manifest in the external.


3 Courages aligned action

Strategy (20%) in line with your purpose and higher version of yourself.


4 Interconnect


What we do impacts the whole.

5 Building and Leaving a Legacy

Living a purpose driven life and impacting multiple generations to come.


This is our responsibility.